Jun. 17, 2018

What Do You Want The World to Know About Being a Sibling to Someone with Autism?

The stigma around it isn’t true. Yes, it can be hard, and it will test you sometimes but at the same time, it’ll teach you so much. You will create this bond that cannot be broken. – Adam 


They are not stupid or dump or slow. Most people with autism are highly intelligent, caring and kind. Just because they have a disability, it doesn’t define who they are. – Rebecca 


It has many ups and downs. The ups include moments of laughter and joy that a sibling brings to another. The downs include shouting, crying and even scraping. It’s a tough experience over all but it has many rewards that no other sibling can bring. Their intelligence can surpass many people and it’s amazing to see how smart they are considering all the stuff that goes on inside their own little worlds. – Jake 


We aren’t at a disadvantage as commonly thought. I think having a brother with autism has given me an advantage in life. Yes, I have missed a few events because of his appointments or had to wait to buy new shoes because mum had to pay for therapy, but he has given me so much more than money can ever buy. He has taught me patience and to enjoy the little things. I’ve learnt to accept everyone for who they are, something that is hard for young people to understand. Kian has even given me an interest which I can receive a further career in. He has genuinely thought me kindness and that’s the only word I can use to describe it. – Kim 


I’d like people to know that even though my brother flaps and doesn’t look at you, runs around and repeats sounds over and over, I think he’s funny. And I think he’s kind. And I know he loves me. I do wish he would interact with me more and I wish he didn’t scream when he’s mad. But I love to help him learn and I love helping him with his therapy. – Evelyn 


You get used to it, people staring, kids pointing at the empty space where my sister's legs should be, kids hiding behind their parents, actually afraid of her. Katie-Tara is as equally beautiful as anyone else in this world, sometimes I look at her and actually really look at her bright smiling face and I think to myself, she is so breath taking! Katie-Tara is a little social butterfly who is always out and about, chatting away to people. When she wheels into a room, it lights up and it's virtually impossible to have a conversion with her and not burst out laughing because she's so funny and comes out with the most hilarious things. The uncomfortable looks and people elbowing their friends to look at her doesn't faze her in the slightest. If someone is in her way, she's not afraid to politely ask them to move, and if she spots someone looking at her she'll say 'are you looking at how beautiful I am?' Her confidence is unbelievable, she knows she is a queen ! What I would like people to do is take a minute, think to yourselves "if I was her, would I like to be stared at" because although it doesn't bother her, she is perfectly imperfect and rather than staring at anyone who is maybe less fortunate than you, maybe you should try smiling at them and hey, you never know, they might just smile back. - Kori


Thanks for reading. 

Freya xx