Jul. 23, 2017

Stop Judging

Have you ever saw someone out and about and think “what is she wearing?” or seen someone eating something and think “you should be eating a salad instead”. I know we’re all guilty of this. It’s in us as humans to judge. I do hate it though. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m fed up with myself judging others even if it is because I don’t like someone’s outfit or I don’t like something someone is eating. It’s mean and rude and not okay to put others down for their life choices. I can preach and preach on why you shouldn’t judge people with autism but if I do judge other people especially when I don’t know what’s going on in their lives how can I expect you to not judge?

I now find I correct myself when I go to judge someone. I’ll tell myself that’s not okay, you don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing and they deserve respect just like everyone else. I think that if we all did this, people’s automatic response to what someone else is doing with their lives won’t be so negative. I don’t think it’s just big gestures or things that stand out that get judged, small and not so obvious things do too. For example, Dian wears a chewable stick man around his neck that hangs from a string and it’s something for him to bite when he is agitated, excited etc. Every time he wears it in public he will get at least 3 different people either point it out to another one of their family members or just staring at it. It’s just a piece of rubber hanging from his neck but why are people so quick to comment on it when they have no clue why he has it?

Everyone is different. That isn’t hard to understand, right? Yet people are so quick to judge others for being different. It’s really frustrating thing to get your head around because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. People need to just accept the fact that everyone is different in their own way. There’s nothing wrong with it. Judging can really affect someone, like when Dian has a meltdown in public and people are standing around and staring it doesn’t help him, it makes it worse and harder for him. While you may look at it as a simple look or comment it can actual have a huge effect on the other person.

I know that this blog post isn’t completely about autism but I feel it’s a really important message that’s worth sharing. I know that if people stopped judging others they wouldn’t be so quick to judge a child because he acts differently from theirs. Maybe next time when you’re out doing the shopping or going for dinner and you see someone that you find yourself judging just stop yourself. Don’t allow yourself to, not only will it stop them feeling uncomfortable and ashamed but it will also make you feel better about yourself.