Jun. 11, 2017

Interview with an Autism Advocate

Big Brows Messy Hair is a blogger from Limerick who is an autism mum and advocate for her son. She has a Diploma in Autism Awareness and completed ‘The NAS EarlyBird Programme’. Here she tells us what its like to be an Autism Advocate and some advice for parents alike. 


1). Tell us a little bit about yourself and your connection to autism. 

I am a mum to 5 year old boy whom has a diagnoses of Autism. 

2). When did you decide to be an Autism Advocate?

After my son was diagnosed with Autism, I began to study Autism Awareness. I wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible.  I received a Diploma in Autism Awareness (O.A.DIP) and completed ‘The NAS EarlyBird Programme’ held by the National Autistic Society. I then wanted to incorporate some Autism Awareness posts into my blog and raise awareness and acceptance from a Mothers point of view.

3). What's the hardest part of being an Autism Advocate?

The hardest part I feel is letting people into my personal life. Expressing the struggles my son and I deal and cope with on a daily basis. But on the other hand it also connects me with other parents in the same situation as us,which  is very reassuring to know we are not alone. It also opens up the conversation with one another.

4). Any advice for someone who wants to be an Autism Advocate? 

Raising Autism awareness and acceptance is giving people knowledge. Knowledge is power! The more people are aware of Autism the more accepting it will become.
5). If you could give one piece of advice to another autism parent what would it be?  

Dylan and myself are still learning as we go through this Autism journey together - but the one piece of advice I would give is to remember -" once you have met one person with Autism, you have met one person with Autism." What works for one child may not work for another. Dont be disheartened and keep on working to find stratagies that will work for you and your child.


Thank you so much to Jade McNamara who is the amazing mum behind Big Brows Messy Hair. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat! 

Freya xo