Nov. 20, 2016

People with Autism can like Christmas Craft Fairs too

There is Christmas Craft Fairs all over the country during the month of December. There is something for everyone, from seeing Santa to eating delicious homemade goodies to buying beautiful pieces for ourselves or loved ones. Of course they can be chaotic and loud but I don’t think this should stop anyone with autism enjoying it. I believe that by following a few simple guidelines we can all make Christmas Craft Fairs enjoyable for everyone.


  1. If someone comes up to your stall and doesn't speak to you, please don't look at this as being rude, they might be non-verbal or have very limited words.
  2. If it appears that someone is ignoring you and doesn't make eye contact when you speak to them, please understand that all the noises around can make it very difficult for them to focus on one voice.
  3. If someone comes up to your stall and starts playing with your pieces or decorations you have attached to your stall, please don't shout at them, they may find it calming to fidget at your stall so if you want to ask them to stop keep your voice calm and give them a  clear instruction.
  4. If you see someone lying on the floor, please don't look at them and roll your eyes or give them a dirty look, they might be finding all the noise a little too much and are trying to keep themselves calm. If they are crying, they are not having a tantrum, they are having a meltdown because it is all too much for them.
  5. If someone runs into you and doesn't say sorry, please understand that they might be a little excited to be here or they might see something that grabs their attention. Their mind is distracted by something else so it doesn't register that they need to say sorry.
  6. If someone opens something or eats something while their parent or guardian is paying, please know that it isn’t because they're spoilt but because they might be overwhelmed by being in a new place and buying something they are used to, can be reassuring.


I hope that these few tips will help you be aware that everyone reacts differently to Christmas Craft Fairs and that they make everyone feel welcomed to them.


Freya xx