Sep. 11, 2016

Useful Links and Information

I decided I would do a blog post on websites I felt that are of great use to autism families. Many of these websites have given me great ideas and has activities Dian would've done or still does today.


A website called Seomra Ranga is aimed at helping all children of different abilities. A national school teacher who is founder of this website has a few articles that I felt could help Dian and help other children with autism. Here are 2 articles I am very interested in: - This helps with knowing the difference between hard and soft. something child with autism may find hard. This teaches children how to remember phone numbers, it may be suitable for older children with autism.


Another Website I really like is Little Puddins. Amanda, a mum of two boys with autism runs this wonderful website. She has helped me greatly in the past and the work she does is brilliant. This article clearly displays some of the autism characteristics a child with autism may have. This post has a great variety of different free printable autism life skills that a child with autism can use. For example a communication board to help the child tell you what they want.


A website called Sugar Aunts is ran by an aunt who is an Occupational Therapist. Her article on a sensory bag has been very helpful and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for sensory toys for their child. 


Last but not least is Middletown Centre for Autism. They are based in Armagh and I have found them very useful for researching for college courses. They also interviewed a woman called Julia Pithouse, her daughter has Autism and her son has Asperger’s syndrome. It a very touching interview about the connection these two siblings have. 


I hope you have found these links helpful and informative. If you have any questions please feel free to email me 

Freya xx