Aug. 25, 2016

What's it like going Back to School as an Autism Sibling?

Going back to school for a child with special needs can be a very stressful time in the home. My worries about myself going back to school are secondary to my worries about Dian going back to school.

• I worry that no one will be able to help him because they won't understand what he is looking for.
• I'm very protective of Dian so I feel that when I'm not with him or someone else in the house isn't either that he might feel alone and lost.
• I hate coming home and hearing that he had a meltdown at school especially when I wasn't there to help him or can't do much to prevent it happening again.
• I worry a lot when he has assessments because I know he can be predictable with how well he does with his school work. 
• I want him to be happy at school and have someone to play with, this can be hard for him because he struggles telling people he is unhappy with something and it can be hard for him to make friends.

Being an autism sibling is different than being a normal sibling, we have different fears and worries. If you know of an autism sibling and they seem a little off in school one day it may be because they're autistic brother or sister might be getting an assessment that day or they might be really struggling at school. The best thing you can do is just give them a little space and if they want to talk about it be there to listen and if they don't then don't push them to tell. Patience is so important.

Freya xx