Jul. 31, 2016

What Could Help a Child with Sensory Needs?

I recently sponsored Mayo Hour on Twitter and one of the prizes was a sensory goodie bag. As I was putting it together I realised that maybe some people might struggle with what could be good for a child if they had sensory needs. When I was buying things for the goodie bag I bought things I knew Dian enjoyed and that help him greatly.

Here's what I got:

• Pipe cleaners - Something soft they can move around in their hands 

• Squishy bouncy ball - Gets the muscles in their hands moving and helps them to play with others

• Bubbles - For their fine motor skills

• Squishy rubbery toys - Strengthens the muscles in their hands 

I got all these for under €8 and they can easily be found in discount shops. I hope you found these tips useful and if you have any questions please feel free to email me allaboutautism100@gmil.com

Freya xx