My name is Freya O'Horo and my brother Dian has autism.


I’ve always been overprotective of Dian because I felt that the world has been very cruel to him. He could start his day as a very happy, energetic boy and end it being very upset and hurt. This would usually happen when we would go places like a shop or restaurant. People would constantly judge him whether he spoke loudly or started running and jumping; the stares and judgment affected him and it was always apparent.

I thought that if people were more educated about autism, then they would stop staring at the boy having a difficult time on the shop floor and realize “maybe he isn’t having a tantrum, maybe he’s having a meltdown.”


And that's when "All About Autism" was created. So far I've wrote 2 booklets, one for adults and one for kids, won a numerous of awards, created a blog and guest blogged for organisations such as As I Am Ireland and The Mighty.

Dian and I are very excited to see where All About Autism will take us next and we hope you'll join us on our journey! 

Kind Regards,

Freya O'Horo